Cost of Homophobia

The Economic Cost of Homophobia

Peter Tatchell, just back from Russia, has launched a new report, with the backing of the Lord Speaker, Lord Fowler, which shows that countries that criminalise homosexuality suffer significant economic disadvantages; lost tourism revenue lost inward foreign aid and investment and lost talent and skills as LGBT+ people flee abroad.

The human rights abuses meted out by homophobic nations on their LGBT+ citizens is often solely seen as a violation of human rights.

But this report by the Peter Tatchell Foundation reveals that anti-LGBT+ legislation is bad for the economy and the 71 countries that still criminalise homosexuality are losing out on the economic advantages that more gay-friendly nations enjoy.

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Screen the Blood – Not The Sexuality – Sign The Petition

Screen the Blood – Not The Sexuality We urge governments worldwide to make blood donation restrictions contingent on a person’s sexual behaviour, not on their sexual orientation.

Screen the Blood is an initiative from the Peter Tatchell Foundation, aiming to raise awareness and take action on the blood donor restrictions affecting sexually active gay and bisexual men globally.

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