Board of Directors


Peter Tatchell Foundation Directors


Jeremy N. Hooke (Chair)

Jeremy is an investment and wealth manager with ARW and a philanthropist.
He has a large and varied international client base, from individuals and families to businesses and high profile celebrities.
Jeremy was the Lord Mayor of the City of Norwich for 2008/2009, and remains the Treasurer of the Norwich Civic Association. He has worked with many human rights and civil liberty organisations.
He is also Vice-Chair of the Norfolk LGBT History Society and Honorary Treasurer and Director of Norfolk Carers Support. He is a trustee of Norwich Consolidated Charities.


Gill Butler

Gill Butler is a retired solicitor. She specialised in representing lesbian mothers and gay fathers in family cases. She has been politically active since the 1960s. She was a member of the Stonewall board from 1992 until 2002 and was chair from 1999 until 2002.


David Gwinnutt

Born in Derbyshire in 1961, David is a photographer has photographed many of modern-day gay icons such as Quentin Crisp , Leigh Bowery , Derek Jarman and Edmund White. His portraits are in the National Portrait Gallery London & Canberra, Australia, and have been published in magazines world wide.

David created a new LGBT symbol, the ‘Pink Jack’ – a twist on the Union Jack- which reflected his own feelings about being British and gay but which also stood for a positive image of Great Britain that accepts gay people.
Launched at London Europride in 2006 when civil partnerships and other LGBT rights were emerging, the Pink Jack struck a chord and was an instant hit.


Deborah Lane-Winter

Deborah Lane-Winter is an experienced talent, diversity and inclusion consultant and a passionate straight ally of the LGBT community. She was nominated as ‘Corporate Straight Ally of the Year’ and was instrumental in Channel 4 winning the ‘Brand of the Year’ in the Out in the City Awards 2014, now known as the British LGBT Awards.

Her experience includes managing the sexual orientation agenda for British Airways, and being responsible for Channel 4’s Open 4 Programme, an innovative collaboration between Channel 4 and the BBC supported by Creative Skillset which sought to engage diverse new talent across the UK. She is a former Trustee of OutWest, one of London’s longest running LGBT support groups. Deborah is passionate about human rights, and innovative projects and initiatives that seek to achieve greater social inclusion for all.


Nick Etheridge

Nick specialises in IT processes. Born and bred in Norwich, he has worked for Snellings – a Norwich based company supplying software for the electrical retail industry – for almost 20 years.

Nick has also worked in retail management, IT Management and was the previous secretary of ‘The R. C. Snelling Charitable Trust’. Nick has brought his expertise in IT to help improve and maintain the PTF’s IT systems and security.


Chris Amos

Australian entrepreneur Chris Amos graduated with a degree in Film & Television from Queensland University of Technology, Australia, in 1997. Since then he has a long history in the media, including editorships at The Sun and Bent magazine. In 2009 he set up Antares Media, offering a range of multimedia services. Chris is a published film reviewer for over 20 years and produced the film documentary, Dressed as a Girl.