Boot It Out

Take Action

If you want to help the campaign against homophobia in football, email your MP. Urge him / her to write to the Football Association, calling for a high-profile anti-homophobia advertising campaign, targeted at football fans, and for the FA to encourage clubs to feature anti-homophobia messages on tickets, match programmes and stadium screens.

You can email your MP direct via this website:

The Peter Tatchell Foundation is campaigning to boot homophobia out of football. Our aim is to make the ‘beautiful game’ prejudice-free, so that it is welcoming and safe for gay fans and players.

Having helped push the Football Association to condemn homophobic abuse at matches and make it a disciplinary offence under the ground rules, we are planning an anti-homophobia advert / billboard and a DVD for distribution to schools and junior football clubs.

We are working with a wide range of organisations, including the Football Association, Kick It Out, Gay Football Supporters Network and the Justin Campaign.

The Peter Tatchell Foundation supports allied endeavours to eradicate racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and other religious sectarianism. We also endorse efforts to secure gender equality for women players, fans and officials.

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