Double standards for LGBTs over burqa row

Boris’s remarks were wrong but no comparable outcry over LGBT Muslims

London, UK – 15 August 2018


Outcry over Boris Johnson’s burqa insults but silence over persecution of LGBT+ Muslims. Homophobia and double standards!

Boris Johnson caused an outcry when he insulted and ridiculed Muslim women who wear burqas.

Even though the burqa is often seen as a symbol of women’s oppression, Boris was wrong to insult and ridicule the women who wear it. Criticising an item of clothing is fair game but disparaging burqa-wearing women is not.

But what about this?

Some LGBT+ Muslims in the UK are persecuted by some straight Muslims: beaten, made to endure cruel ‘cures’, banned from mosques, disowned by families and threatened with death. But there is NO comparable outcry!

Why the double standards? Why do offensive comments about women who wear burqas merit so much public outrage but the severe victimisation of LGBT+ Muslims by other Muslims merit almost no concern at all?

Homophobia is still strong. LGBT+ Muslims have almost no public defenders – not even from most LBGT+ organisations and not from most liberals & the left. SHAME!