Reaction to PMs remarks promising a new commitment to LGBT+ rights

Theresa May promises LGBT+ Action plan by the summer

Thursday 24 May 2018

The British Prime Minister has promised a new LGBT+ Action Plan this summer which she is promising will set out “concrete steps the Government will take to improve lives for LGBT people and address some of the injustices the community has faced.”

Theresa May’s comments came in an article for Gay Times (read here).

Peter Tatchell, director, the Peter Tatchell Foundation, commented:

“The commitment to LGBT rights is laudable but words are cheap. It’s action that counts. The Prime Minister has imposed direct rule on Northern Ireland. She is legally entitled to legislate same-sex marriage but is refusing to do so, despite 76% public support for marriage equality. This is collusion with the homophobic DUP.”

“Reforming the gender recognition process for trans people was agreed in principle ages ago. The planned new public consultation looks like a delaying tactic and a sop to anti-trans campaigners. Theresa May has declined to make equality and diversity lessons mandatory in every school, to reduce homophobic bullying and hate crime. That’s a big fail.”