Why our work matters?

A heartwarming letter from Joel 

Not all our actions at the Peter Tatchell Foundation can be quantified and sometimes email like this tells us we are on the right track in making it better for everyone. Good luck Joel for making difference. Together we make change happen.

Oct 2019

Hello Pliny,

What a wonderful email to receive. I’m sure you must both be very busy so it’s lovely to know that you remember me.

What a strange few months. I hope you’re safe and well!

In terms of where I’m up to, I graduated last year in English Law and Chinese Law specialising in international law and human rights.

I’ve just been awarded an academic scholarship and I’m in my fourth week of Law school. It’s a big step up from university, but it’s only making me even more passionate about using my legal skills to help people around me.

Now that I’m officially training to be a lawyer, I’ve decided to work Pro Bono as a legal advisor and offer my services at a Manchester legal clinic to those who might not be able to afford legal representation. A wide range of cases from real estate claims to asylum seekers. Tomorrow is my first day with a client and I’m very excited!

I’m feeling really good thank you. I’ve managed to get a really good support circle of friends and I’ve learnt to be much more accepting of myself.

I was slightly apprehensive about entering a professional industry. Fearing that maybe I’d have to start suppressing my femininity or personality again to fit in. But this hasn’t been the case at all. I’ve worked hard to prove my worth and it’s been truly accepting so far. Things are getting better everyday.

Thank you so much again for the email. If there’s ever anything that I can do for the Foundation then let me know. The letter that I received on my birthday last year made a bigger difference than I’m sure you’ll ever realise.

Kind regards,