Board of Trustees


Peter Tatchell Foundation Trustees


Jeremy N. Hooke (Chair)

Jeremy is an investment and wealth manager with ARW and a philanthropist.
He has a large and varied international client base, from individuals and families to businesses and high profile celebrities.
Jeremy was the Lord Mayor of the City of Norwich for 2008/2009, and remains the Treasurer of the Norwich Civic Association. He has worked with many human rights and civil liberty organisations.
He is also Vice-Chair of the Norfolk LGBT History Society and Honorary Treasurer and Director of Norfolk Carers Support. He is a trustee of Norwich Consolidated Charities.


Deborah Lane-Winter

Deborah Lane-Winter is a talent, diversity and inclusion consultant and a passionate straight ally of the LGBT community. She was nominated as ‘Corporate Straight Ally of the Year’ and was instrumental in Channel 4 winning the ‘Brand of the Year’ in the Out in the City Awards 2014, now known as the British LGBT Awards.

Her experience includes managing the sexual orientation agenda for British Airways, and being responsible for Channel 4’s Open 4 Programme, an innovative collaboration between Channel 4 and the BBC supported by Creative Skillset which sought to engage diverse new talent across the UK. She is a former Trustee of OutWest, one of London’s longest running LGBT support groups.


John Watts

John Watts works in global communications and campaigns specialising in multinational geopolitical and legal issues including human rights cases. With a background in major event and visit management as a special advisor to the UK Prime Minister, John now works across Europe, Africa, Middle East, South America and East Asia. He is on the advisory board of the Brazil based Lawfare Institute which identifies cases of the misuse of law for political purposes. He is a trustee of the pan-African NGO Right for Education. He studied International Public Policy at Staffordshire University and Arabic and Middle East Politics at Birzeit University in Palestine. John is a huge fan of Eurovision.


George Casley

George is an educationalist and campaigner.

Having been involved in leading a variety of UK schools he is now Academic Director for a group of international schools and specialises in training teachers around social change and culture.

For twenty years George was the volunteer lead of the Terrence Higgins Trust’s Buddy / Community Support group and continues to be an advocate for volunteering and activism for social justice.

George has a wide range of experiences as trustee of a range of charities. He is currently also a trustee of The WOMAD Foundation, Roehampton Allotment Society and Chairs the Food Chain Kitchen (the social enterprise of the Food Chain).