Top tips to defend human rights



Our top tips for the successful defence of human rights law:

1. Identify what and who needs to change and why

2. Devise an action plan – and a plan B in case things go awry

3. Lobby and persuade the doubters and opponents wherever possible

4. Challenge, shame and embarrass the intransigent authorities who won’t listen to reason and       compassion

5. Present a moral and practical case for change that is backed up by research, evidence and         the testimony of victims

6. Isolate the individuals and institutions that are blocking change

7. Build political alliances and broad coalitions. Unity and solidarity is strength

8. Develop a network of sympathetic journalists to get your message to the public

9. Produce imaginative, clever, witty, informative and entertaining campaigns

10. Be patient, determined and ready for the long haul. Don’t expect instant results

11. Wage a campaign of attrition if necessary. Harass and wear down the hard-core opponents         of change, so they decide that defending the status quo is not worth the hassle

12. Listen to your critics. Sometimes they might be right

13. Don’t be negative and oppositionist. Offer positive, constructive alternatives