Reclaim Pride

Reclaim Pride


What is Reclaim Pride about?

It is a community-led march to get back to the roots of Pride, being both a celebration and a protest for LGBT+ rights , ditching the corporate sponsors and commercialism. Unlike the official Pride in London, Reclaim Pride does not charge people to participate, has no corporate sponsors or ‘branding’ requirement and we put LGBTI+ human rights centre stage.


Why do we need to Reclaim Pride?

Pride in London has become depoliticised, dominated by corporate sponsors. Reclaim  Pride can change this situation. As well as being a joyful celebration, it also profiles LGBT+ human rights issues.


When was the first Reclaim Pride in the UK?

The first Reclaim Pride took place in London on 24 July 2021.


When is the next Reclaim Pride?

Following the success of the Reclaim Pride march, we are planning for another march in 2022. Please do sign up for our newsletter to receive updates about our campaigns and the next Reclaim Pride march in London.


Why is Reclaim Pride important?

For too long we have been conned by vested interests into believing that it is hugely expensive to hold a Pride march. It is not that costly at all if we run the no-frills march. This pride is different by having no floats,  by being totally open, egalitarian, grassroots and without being dominated by corporate sponsors. It reclaims Pride for the community putting LGBT+ rights at the centre stage.


Who can attend Reclaim Pride?

Everyone is invited to contribute to LGBT+ rights and human rights and have a celebration. It is Pride for the community – totally open, egalitarian and grassroots. It mirrors the informality and spontaneity of the first Pride march in 1972. You all welcome to Reclaim Pride in London.


What is the route of the Reclaim Pride march?

The march route mostly followed that of the UK’s first Pride in 1972 in London.


What were the demands for the first Reclaim Pride march in 2021?

• Ban LGBTI+ conversion therapy
• Reform the Gender Recognition Act
• Safe haven for LGBTI+ refugees
• Decriminalisation of LGBTI+ people worldwide
• Solidarity with Black Lives Matter


Support Reclaim Pride

Your support is essential for the success of Reclaim Pride. Take action now to support the cause.

Ways you can help:

* Sign up for our newsletter.
* Consider a donation to support our work. Our success starts with your generosity.
* Attend the next Reclaim Pride.
* Share on social media our video and photos of Reclaim Pride and say why you think Reclaim Pride is important. Use the hashtag #ReclaimPride.


Supporters of Reclaim Pride

The following organisations support Reclaim Pride.
Please email us to [email protected]  if you would like the indicate your support.


UK Black Pride

London Trans Pride

Diva magazine

Lesbian Visibility Week

The National Education Union (NEU) LGBT+ Organising Forum

The National Education Union (NEU) London LGBT+ Educators Network

The National Education Union (NEU) Disabled LGBT+ Members Network

The National Education Union (NEU) Black LGBT+ Members Network

The National Education Union (NEU) Trans and Non-Binary Educators Network

The National Education Union (NEU) Women’s LGBT+ Educators Network


Photos from Reclaim Pride 2021

We hope you enjoy this eclectic mix of pictures.

You are welcome to download and use any of these pictures but please credit the Peter Tatchell Foundation.

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