Lobby your MP & other elected representatives



If you have a human rights issue, consider writing to your MP, MEPs, councillors or other elected representatives via this website: http://www.writetothem.com


When contacting your MP or other elected representatives, it is very important that you present them with a statement about your issue. Your statement needs to be concise and set out in separate, neatly spaced paragraphs. It should state the facts of what happened – names, dates, times, places and who said and did what. Keep to the facts rather than including comments or opinions. At the end, state your objections to what happened ie. your complaint and set out what you want to be done – what redress you are seeking and from whom. This statement can be given to any persons or  agency that you approach for help. It will assist them to assist you.


You can also lobby your MP by visiting him/her at their weekly advice surgery. The MPs local office or your local Town Hall will be able to tell you when and where these take place.


You can also phone your MP’s office at the House of Commons via the main switchboard: 0207 219 3000. Ask for the MP’s secretary or researcher.
A personal visit to  your MP at their weekly advice surgery might encourage him/her to take your case more seriously. Your local Town Hall or library will be able to tell you when and where these advice sessions are held.