Year Ended 31 October 2022

Peter Tatchell Foundation

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Summary statement

Income           £269,923

Expenditure  (£193,375)

Net Surplus     £76,553


Most of our regular income is small donations from individual well-wishers. A small proportion comes from our human rights lectures and best practice advice. We receive no grants from central or local government. We depend on grassroots supporters.

Some of our resources were donations in kind from supporters, such as office equipment, leaflets, adverts and venue usage.

Given the scale and reach of our human rights work, we have very low overheads. Our output rivals that of some much larger, better staffed and funded, organisations.

Our income in 2021-22 was mostly expended on advice, casework, education in human rights, advocacy and awareness-raising about human rights values, laws, abuses and best practice.

Key UK human rights issues we worked on include: anti-Muslim prejudice and Islamist extremism, free speech, asylum support, sex and relationship education in schools and homophobic hate crime.

The focus of our international LGBT and other human rights work included: the Commonwealth, Syria, Balochistan, Palestine-Israel, Uganda, Turkey, West Papua, Iran, Nigeria, Qatar, Pakistan, India, Egypt and Russia. This often involved giving a voice to victims of human rights abuses and to defenders of human rights in these countries.

Sincere thanks to all our donors for making our human rights work possible.