Home office grants humanitarian protection to gay Trinidadian

Gay Dillian Johnson fled Trinidad after an attempt to kill him

London, UK − 20 January 2019

Dillian Johnson was targeted for assassination in Trinidad and Tobago. He fled to the UK and came to the Peter Tatchell Foundation a year ago, seeking our help to claim asylum. We are delighted to announce that on 18 January he was finally granted humanitarian protection by the Home Office. We are proud to have been able to help Dillian secure a place of safety in the UK and to share his story below – Peter Tatchell, Director PTF. 

See Dillian’s statement below:

On 30 December 2017, I fled my country of Trinidad and Tobago after a failed murder attempt was made on my life. It was an apparent bid to cover up a secret same-sex relationship I had with a senior state official.

Upon my arrival in the UK, I contacted the Peter Tatchell Foundation (PTF) and was given advice on how to claim asylum and how to get the support of my local MP. Peter Tatchell wrote to the Home Office endorsing my bid for refugee status, as well as ensuring that I was in good health, suitable accommodation and receiving financial support.

Through the PTF, I had access to the media to tell my story and advice on how to deal with attempts by officials in Trinidad and Tobago to discover my location and an alleged plan to extradite me there on trumped-up charges.

Peter and his Foundation never dropped the ball with respect to my asylum claim, keeping all relevant parties informed and under pressure to swiftly resolve my case.

On 18 January 2019, I was granted humanitarian protection by the Home Office, which was a happy ending to the most long and stressful time of my life. This would never have been possible if I had not reached out to the PTF and received its help. Given that many asylum applicants wait many years for a decision, I was very lucky to have to wait for only just over one year.

I say thank you to Peter and his Foundation for helping, guiding and getting me the favourable outcome I was truly hoping for.

Dillian Johnson

Photo Credit: David Levene for The Guardian