Current Initiatives

The Peter Tatchell Foundation works to promote and defend LGBTI rights and other human rights in the UK and selected other countries, in accordance with national and international human rights law. Our current initiatives include:

  • Engaging with the Commonwealth over the outlawing of homosexuality in 37 of its 53 member states – and urging it to place LGBTI rights on the agenda of the next Commonwealth summit in 2018
  • Defending free speech and freedom of expression, including challenging censorship and attempts to criminalise people who merely hold disagreeable opinions and cause offence
  • Making the case for the UK government to ensure that sex and relationship education is inclusive of LGBTI issues, in order to cut HIV, bullying and self-harm
  • Promoting LGBTI-Muslim solidarity: building bridges with the Muslim community to fight all hate, challenge homophobia and support LGBTI Muslims
  • Acting in support of occupied and unrecognised nations such as Kurdistan, West Papua, Somaliland, Tibet, Arabistan, Western Sahara, Tamil Eelam, Palestine and Balochistan
  • Working to make sport LGBTI accessible, challenge anti-LGBTI prejudice and encourage LGBTI sports people to come out – especially in football
  • Raising awareness of the prohibition on different-sex civil partnerships, and the case for opening them up to everyone so that male-female couples can have a civil partnership if they wish
  • Setting out the economic argument for decriminalising homosexuality in countries like Jamaica, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria; showing how criminalisation is economically disadvantageous because it deters tourism and foreign investment, and creates a brain-drain of skilled LGBTI people who leave to live in more LGBT-friendly countries
  • Improving public understanding of, and providing support for, the work of human rights defenders in repressive countries like Russia, Iran, Honduras, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, Pakistan and Uganda.

In addition, we do case work, providing advice and support to hundreds of refugees and victims of discrimination, hate crime and miscarriages of justice, and run an Education in Human Rights programme of talks in schools, colleges and universities

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Thank you – Peter Tatchell, Director of the PTF

Our motto: “Don’t accept the world as it is. Dream of what the world could be – and then help make it happen”