£50 for 50 years of Peter Tatchell’s activism

£50 for 50 years of Peter Tatchell’s activism

Help us fund Peter Tatchell’s human rights work


This year Peter Tatchell celebrates his 50 years of human rights advocacy and activism. We want to celebrate with him by fundraising to support his amazing, often pioneering work through the Peter Tatchell Foundation.

You can read highlights of Peter’s half a century of campaigning here.

We are asking Peter’s friends and supporters to donate £50 to match his 50 years of innovative ideas, activism and change-making.

If you can afford more, we’ll accept it with much appreciation. If you can’t afford £50, please give whatever you can manage. And ask your family and friends to contribute.

Peter has reminded us:

“I plan to carry on campaigning for another 30 years. It is vital that I improve my organisational and financial back-up so that I, and my PTF team, can do our work more effectively. Despite some kind, generous donors, the Peter Tatchell Foundation is not adequately resourced to do all the humanitarian endeavours that we want to undertake. Your donation will help plug the funding gap, so we can do more and better in the years to come.”

See Peter’s update on our work below.

Here are details of how to make your donation:

The 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality is 27 July. It is remarkable to think that Peter has been directly involved in almost every LGBT campaign in the UK for nearly all of those 50 years. We need you to help ensure that he carries on campaigning for decades to come!

Yours with appreciation and best wishes,

Jeremy Hooke and Gill Butler
Chair and secretary, Board of Trustees, Peter Tatchell Foundation


Peter Tatchell writes:

Massive thanks for your support and donations. I am so very grateful.

Here is a summary of some of our current initiatives:

This is our casework report, which details the direct personal help we are giving to more than 200 victimised individuals:

Our LGBT-Muslim Solidarity campaign continues in its bid to promote dialogue with the Muslim community, challenge homophobia and support LGBT Muslims. We are making overtures to leading Muslim organisations and mosques, requesting they meet LGBT Muslims and speak out against their victimisation by fellow Muslims.

The Peter Tatchell Foundation is planning new advocacy on human rights abuses in the Middle East, including the ill-treatment of women, LGBTs, dissenters and migrant workers.

Opposing LGBT persecution in the Commonwealth is a major focus of our work.

We are collaborating with others to lobby the Commonwealth to repeal the outlawing of homosexuality in 36 of its 52 member states – and to place LGBT rights on the agenda of the next Commonwealth summit in 2018.

Belize is one of the latest Commonwealth countries to decriminalise homosexuality. We supported and gave advice to the inspiring lead LGBT activist there.

We are also backing a new legal challenge to the criminalisation of homosexuality in Bangladesh (gay sex is currently banned with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment).

Peter has had a private meeting with a senior Sri Lankan government official, to press for decriminalisation. He was sympathetic and was given legal and strategy advice.

Under the auspices of the Kaleidoscope Trust, we participated in a round table discussion with LGBT activists from around the Commonwealth to plan a coordinated strategy for the 2018 Commonwealth summit.

A meeting is being sought with the Commonwealth Secretary-General, Baroness Scotland. It has been delayed because she has been heavily committed since her appointment. But we hope this will happen soon and that we can secure her commitment to press for LGBT-inclusion at the summit in 2018.

As you may know, nearly half of the 73 countries that currently outlaw homosexuality, criminalise all same-sex relations (both male and female), and half these countries are members of the Commonwealth. This criminalisation is in violation of the human rights principles of the Commonwealth Charter.

There is lots more human rights work for the PTF to do. With your help and support we’ll do it!


Peter Tatchell, Director, Peter Tatchell Foundation