Citizenship and Ethics Education

“We have welcomed many guest speakers to The Bishop’s Stortford High School, as part of the Citizenship and Ethics education of our students. Peter Tatchell from the Peter Tatchell Foundation has been second to none in his contributions to this programme. His willingness to make time for the students has been much appreciated and highly regarded.

“The lucid, clear and organised seminars of Mr. Tatchell have struck that fine educational balance between rigor, engagement, challenge, participation and interaction. Never were standards compromised, never were students patronised and never were students anything but engaged and motivated. Delivery was a masterclass of eloquence and public speaking as Peter spoke without a note. However, sessions were always discussions and never lectures.

“A not insignificant skill Mr. Tatchell offers is his willingness to deliver lessons on a range of human rights subjects.”

Simon Etheridge, Citizenship and Ethics programme, Bishops Stortford High School