Financial Times – Profile of Peter Tatchell

The Financial Times carried a profile of PTF Director, Peter Tatchell, on Saturday 10 December – Human Rights Day.

Read it here:

Among many issues, the FT profile included a brief summary of Peter’s ideas on economic democracy, and for a 20% wealth tax on the mega rich to plug the government deficit and national debt. He believes that human rights include economic rights and social justice.

“I do my bit for human rights, as do many, many others. I salute them. Together, we make change,” said Peter Tatchell.

“I want to thank everyone who has supported my campaigns and the many dedicated, courageous activists I have cooperated with during my 45 years of human rights work. Without them, what I have done would have been much diminished in scale and impact. I owe others a great debt.

“I have striven, however imperfectly, to promote universal human rights and, in particular, to support and publicise the campaigns of LGBT activists and other human rights defenders in countries where there is dictatorship and repression. These people are the true heroes,” he said.