Mayor Boris & police endorse event with extremist clerics

Speakers say blasphemers, adulterers & apostates should be killed

MPs, City of London police & top BBC official support GPU

London, UK – 22 November 2013


“People who have sex outside of marriage, blasphemers and Muslims who leave the faith should be killed, according to some speakers at this weekend’s Islamic Global Peace & Unity (GPU) conference in London. The conference website says the event is backed by the Mayor of London, the City of London police commissioner, MPs, the former Archbishop of Canterbury and a senior BBC official,” reports Peter Tatchell, Director of the human rights organisation, the Peter Tatchell Foundation.

On the assumption that the GPU website is accurate:

“It is appalling that the Mayor, City of London police and prominent public figures are endorsing an event that promotes at least seven speakers with bigoted, violent views. It’s the equivalent of supporting an event with BNP and EDL hate speakers.

“How can the mayor and police justify giving their approval to a conference that hosts speakers who advocate discrimination and violence?

“On the GPU website there are messages of support from the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, the former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, Labour MP Stephen Timms and Labour peer Lord Parekh. Noam Chomsky is also listed and quoted under “Supporters.”

“Speakers named on the GPU website include the Commissioner of the City of London Police Adrian Leppard and his Assistant Commissioner Wayne Chance, Tory MP Rehman Chishti, BBC commissioning editor Aqil Ahmed and Muslim Council of Britain leader Farooq Murad.

“I have written letters of protest to the Mayor of London and the Commissioner and Assistant Commission of the City of London police, urging them to withdraw their support for the conference.

“The seven extremist preachers have variously expressed opinions such as:

“In their view, homophobia is praiseworthy, women should stay in the home and blasphemers and apostates should be killed.

“They stir anti-Semitism and say that people who have pre-marital or extra-marital sex deserve flogging and stoning to death.

“Opposing social integration and community cohesion, some clerics advocate a form of religious apartheid: Muslims should not associate with non-Muslims and Muslim parents should not send their children to non-Muslim schools.

“Freedom of religion is condemned as a blasphemous ideal and Ahmadiyya Muslims are said to deserve persecution.

“There are at least seven extremist preachers listed to speak at the GPU on 23 and 24 November at ExCel London.

“They are: Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ya’qoubi, Sheikh Shady Al-Suleiman, Iman Abdul Wahid Pedersen, Sheikh Said Rageah, Sheikh Muhammad Al Shareef, and Sheikh Yasir Qadhi,” said Mr Tatchell.

Quotes from the seven extremist GPU speakers (with links to sources):


Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri

He has defended Pakistan laws that impose the death penalty for blasphemy and are used to persecute Ahmadiyya Muslims.

Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ya’qoubi

He believes: Freedom of religion and freedom of expression are blasphemous and “false ideals.” The Grand Mufti of Syria was wrong to oppose violence against Jewish settlers in the Palestinian terrorities.

“….these wrong and false ideals like ‘freedom of religion’ or ‘freedom of expression’. In Islam I do not allow under the banner of ‘freedom of expression’ someone to come and curse or insult a Prophet of Allah… it is blasphemy, it is not freedom of speech at all.”
Sheikh Shady Al-Suleiman

The Sheikh says adulterers should be stoned to death:

“Remember that if there is an Islamic state the punishment of zina, the punishment of those who commit zina, if they have never been married before, they will be lashed 100 lashes. If they are married while they committed zina, or previously been married and divorced, and they committed zina, then their punishment is stoning to death.”
Iman Abdul Wahid Pedersen

He admits that the stoning of adulterers is cruel, but he has defended the cruel punishment:

“I agree that stoning is a cruel punishment, but it doesn’t change the fact that according to Islam the practise has been ordained by our Creator. We are not in a position to change this. Things that are stated unambigiously in the Koran or by the Prophet Mohammed are not open to debate among Muslims.”
Sheikh Said Rageah

He says Muslims should disassociate themselves from non-Muslims. Blasphemers who don’t repent should be killed. Women should stay at home and never leave the house without necessity:

“You will see a lot of them going to the kuffar (non-Muslims) , taking them as supporters and helpers and friends and allies…(Arabic) If they were true believers in Allah and the messenger (Arabic) they would never take them as allies.”

“…it could also, y’know, be to the point as far as killing that person (who commits blasphemy) if he doesn’t repent what he’s saying…Muslims do not tolerate anyone to insult Muhammad, Isa or Jesus, Moses, any of the prophets of God. If you’re in a Muslim country and you insult Muhammad or Jesus, you will receive the same punishment because both of them are the messengers of God.”

“Islam and Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) is telling us in the Quran: stay home because otherwise you’re gonna cause fitnah to a lot of people…Allah created women for beauty…so women are like this they must understand. They should stay at home and not come out of the house unless it’s a necessity, otherwise Shaytan will take advantage of that and leave the people being tested and tried.”
Sheikh Muhammad Al Shareef

The Sheikh believes the social integration of Muslims is wrong. Muslims should not associate with non-Muslims, and Muslims should not send their children to non-Islamic schools:

“The horror story begins when the child is entrusted to a non-Muslim…”

”If a parent has chosen public school for his son, in the final year when he looks over the school yearbook and sees a picture of his son standing hand in hand dancing with a kafir woman, at that time it will be too late to question his upbringing. Now is the time to question it, now, before it’s too late.“

He also states that Jews control the media and Muslims should not ally with them, imitate them or marry them:

“Who owns the press? Well, you can believe me when I say that it is not the god fearing beloved of Allâh.
“It would be profitable for us to reflect on the implementation of our Wala’ and Bara’ in regards to the Jews:
“Firstly: We should not take them as our close allies. Secondly: We should not imitate them. Thirdly: A Muslimah may never marry a Jewish or Christian man that remains in his beliefs.”

Sheikh Al Shareef says homophobia is praiseworthy:

“Alhamdulillah [praise to God] that you’re homophobic. Alhamdulillah we have a fear of homosexuality. And then they will say it as if it is a derogatory term, but in fact it is a praiseworthy term.”

He argues sex outside of marriage deserves 80 lashes:

“One of them is a married person committing zina and the other is an unmarried person committing zina. So a married person committing zina is actually much, much more serious in Islam. They’re both serious and they’re both major sins but it is much more serious…if somebody’s married the punishment for that would be eighty lashes.”
Sheikh Yasir Qadhi

The Sheikh claims the toleration of homosexuality is a sign of social regression:

“For those who have been around for a little bit longer than those who are eighteen or nineteen, look at how this own society and culture has evolved in the way it looks at homosexuals. In our own time, I remember as a kid in the eighties, which gives you an idea how old I was, growing up in the eighties I grew up, OK? I remember how homosexuals were looked down upon and the names that were given to these people, and how disgusted the average masses were with that segment of society. Now look, now look at how we have regressed, not progressed.”

He says Jews control Islamic studies and want to destroy Muslims:

“You go to America, you find that 95% of the Islamic Studies professors are Jews, you know that? 95% of Islamic Studies [sic] are Jews. And 0% of Judaic Studies [sic] are Muslims. I am not advising any Muslim to waste his time studying Judaism but I’m saying, why are Jews studying Islam? There is a reason, not that they want to help us, they want to destroy us […] they want to bring about doubts, look at the doubts that exist, look at the divisions, the discord, look at the disunity, look at all these ideologies that are being spread (4). Know that the Yahood [Jews] and the Kuffar [Infidels] like this type of thing.”