National Trust considers banning Pride participation

National Trust considers banning Pride participation

Members to vote 

London, UK – 3 November 2022

This weekend National Trust members will vote on whether to prevent the charity from participating in LGBT+ Pride events.

The wording of the resolution says: “Be it resolved that this AGM deplores participation by the National Trust in gay pride parades as divisive and an unaccountable waste of members’ subscriptions.’

It follows the Trust’s participation in Birmingham Pride in 2019.


Responding LGBT+ and human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell said:

“The Trust’s role is to protect and promote everyone’s heritage, of which LGBT+ history is an important part.”

“It is sad to see a tiny minority of National Trust members attempting to stoke a culture war that targets LGBT+ community events.

“By involvement in LGBT+ Prides, the National Trust is showing that it is inclusive for everyone. It is also encouraging LGBT+ people to become members. Anything that boosts membership is a good thing.

“LGBT+ Pride is not political. It’s a human rights and community event.”