Queer Tours of London present: Soho’s now-lost nighttime spaces – A fundraiser for the Peter Tatchell Foundation

Join Queer Tours of London’s Dan de la Motte for a Queer Tour of Soho. Soho has always been a part of London steeped in Queer heritage and identity. On this hour-long tour hear the stories of the now-lost Queer nightclubs and bars from the 1920s to the 1960s, as well as their incredible owners, and the entertainers and Londoners that performed in and frequented them, often in the face of police entrapment and surveillance. These are stories of poignancy, yes, but also of bravery, resilience and community.
This special tour is a fundraiser for the Peter Tatchell Foundation and Queer Tours of London
Queer Tours of London use their income to pay guides the Living Wage and support Queer causes and campaigns
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